How to start a a malayalam blog?

Posted on ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 20, 2007. Filed under: Bloggers Only |

Malayalam content in internet world increases far better than before. A lot of websites already appeared in google’s search results with high page rank. But majority of the keralites are not aware of how to start a malayalam blog by using free blogging tools available on the net. I just try to teach you how to blog in malayalam. First of all you have to create an account from or some other blogging sites. And go to settings page of your account. Select Unicode-8 for publishing properties. Then your malayalam content will properly work on your blog. Then a question arises. How to write malayalam content? There is so many malayalam word processors available. But almost all of them are not compatible with Unicode Settings. Varamozhi editor is a good choice in malayalam documentaion. After completing malayalam content, just click “ctrl” + “U” in order to get a unicode supported page. Then copy entire article from that page and paste it into your blog post page. Submit. Your malayalam blog is ready to read by anyone. There is already a malayalam blog community in cyberspace. It doesn’t mean you must get a membership from them. But getting a membership from that community will help you increase popularity of your malayalam blog.

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